A Bathroom Elegant In Design

A Bathroom Elegant In Design

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. would like to welcome their guests at this year’s National Kitchen and Bath Industry Show into this stunningly beautiful, ornate bathroom featuring the Wellborn product from top to bottom. Divided into three very distinct alcove designs, this multidimensional design is truly an interpretation of elegance in design.

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Floating Your Vanity - Welborn Cabinets

Floating Your Vanity

A bathroom improvement that’s freeing and creative

Take a look at today’s trending bathroom designs and you will see floating vanities cover the pages of most all design magazines and articles. The ever-popular wall-mounted vanity has made a drastic leap into the world of floating vanities within the last few years. Wall-mounted vanities (or floating vanities) are vanities that mount directly to the wall providing more floor space and creating a streamlined look. Read more