Review from Sarah & Ryan McKenney

Tim, at Houston Remodeling, has been a fantastic partner in our multi-staged whole home remodeling project. We met Tim when we first moved to Houston to look for a house (expecting to remodel). He was fantastically helpful as he went with us to homes we were considering to assess the integrity of the overall structure, extent of remodel required and general thoughts about what could and should be done to achieve our goals. After looking at countless homes, we made a decision and went right to work.

Tim’s ability to provide design/build services saved us time and money, and had the added advantage of knowing more directly the costs of various design or renovation options. Tim’s background as a trim carpenter was extremely beneficial in the way he was able to manage and guide his subs during the construction process. The trim carpenter in him provided the critical eye and attention to detail that was always appreciated. Additionally, having a GC that has actually done (and done quite well) the detailed trim work helps him to know and demand great work from his subs.

We started our project in the summer of 2009 and finished the total remodel in the first part of 2010. We have since worked with Tim on a number of other, smaller projects and have always been thrilled with the outcome.

Thanks, Tim!
Ryan and Sarah

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