Kitchen Island Cabinets

Islands in The Stream

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has been transforming cabinetry for decades. From breathtaking kitchen cabinetry to cabinetry in living rooms, laundry rooms and much more; the Wellborn product has never lacked in style, function and durability. As the years have come and gone, so has trends in the kitchen and bath industry. With recent years trending towards convenience and creative style, a desire for more storage and organization features has increased 58% compared to two years prior (according to Ricki Research Designers Talk Trends). Also 60% of designers are expecting island cabinetry to be designed using different materials, textures and colors than what is featured within the selected kitchens base cabinetry.

Each island featured below has been transformed using Wellborn Cabinet’s superior product.

This island was wrapped in the Richmond door style available in Wellborn’s Premier Series. The beautiful baby blue pop of color is just enough to set this kitchen apart. ColorInspire, an offering available with Wellborn Cabinet, allows customers to pick and choose any color imaginable to complete the desired look.

The island featured in this kitchen features a darker shade of gray than the base cabinetry as well as a plum colored countertop.

This unique design incorporates different textures, colors and materials. This full access frameless design is part of Wellborn Cabinets, Aspire Cabinetry. Here, 7 large open cubbies were wrapped in heavy textured Arcadia Cotton Pine and topped with a unique twist of countertop materials – wood and granite.