Kitchen Island Cabinets

Islands in The Stream

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has been transforming cabinetry for decades. From breathtaking kitchen cabinetry to cabinetry in living rooms, laundry rooms and much more; the Wellborn product has never lacked in style, function and durability. As the years have come and gone, so has trends in the kitchen and bath industry. With recent years trending towards convenience and creative style, a desire for more storage and organization features has increased 58% compared to two years prior (according to Ricki Research Designers Talk Trends). Also 60% of designers are expecting island cabinetry to be designed using different materials, textures and colors than what is featured within the selected kitchens base cabinetry. Read more

Cabinet Door Sheen

Trending In The Sheen Direction

A trend toward lower, matte sheen can be seen across the cabinet industry. In response to this, a lower sheen is now standard on all Wellborn Cabinet products on Stains, Stains with Glazes, Paints and Paints with Glazes for all available wood species and MDF door styles. Although stains and paints enrich your cabinetry, the topcoats are the neglected heroes that make your cabinets stand out among the rest. The gloss or sheen level of the topcoat works with the stain or paint to bring out the wood grain or add everlasting shine. Read more

Illuminate Your Space Cabinet Door

Illuminate Your Space

In 2017, Wellborn Cabinet launched the much-anticipated Full Access Frameless line, Aspire Cabinetry. With the recent launch of Aspire, the response to this Full Access Frameless product has been overwhelming. As the Aspire product line has evolved throughout 2017, Wellborn will now broaden the options available. Beginning in the first quarter of 2018, Aspire customers will have the option to completely customize their Full Access Frameless cabinetry by adding or including metal doors from Element Designs. Writable, Magnetic or Back Painted Glass Inserts as well as Architectural Resin, Metallic, High Gloss Parapan or Deco Leather Inserts are all part of the new release of products from Element Designs and Aspire Cabinetry. Read more