Cabinet Door Sheen

Trending In The Sheen Direction

A trend toward lower, matte sheen can be seen across the cabinet industry. In response to this, a lower sheen is now standard on all Wellborn Cabinet products on Stains, Stains with Glazes, Paints and Paints with Glazes for all available wood species and MDF door styles. Although stains and paints enrich your cabinetry, the topcoats are the neglected heroes that make your cabinets stand out among the rest. The gloss or sheen level of the topcoat works with the stain or paint to bring out the wood grain or add everlasting shine.

Low sheen paints are comparable to eggshell paints, but have a slightly higher gloss finish. This is a great option for areas where little gloss is desired. Low sheen does not mean less paint or that it is a cheaper product. Sheen is measured as a percent of light reflectivity compared to a mirror. Low sheens have more pores so they capture more light rather than reflecting it. All sheen levels perform uniformly. It is simply a matter of aesthetics although high gloss paints tend to clean up easier because they are much smoother in texture. If success is in the details, then it is vitally important to consider such basic decisions before purchasing the right cabinetry for your home or remodel.

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