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How Locally Owned Cabinet Contractors Beat the Big Box Cabinet Company

Our last article discussed how locally owned cabinet contractors often have the edge over the big box cabinet company when it comes to design and installation.  This article demonstrates some additional advantages a locally owned cabinet company has over a big box store.


Houston Cabinets is your one-stop-shop for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We handle everything in-house and deliver personalized customer service.  Many big box stores rely volume and also may use subcontractors. For instance, if you call your big box custom kitchen cabinet designer and he or she is not available you must leave a message and let the waiting game begin. Let’s say the issue you are calling about is a manufacturer’s warranty or an install problem. Break out the pie plates because one slice goes to the cabinet manufacturer representative, one to the big box store management, one to the cabinet designer, one to the contractor and one slice to the subcontractor that actually installed the cabinets.  At Houston Cabinets, we don’t have multiple fingers in the pie.  One call to us takes care of any and all of your needs.


Big box stores simply cannot beat our price on kitchen and bathroom cabinets due to their enormous overhead of warehouse space, heating and cooling costs, employee staff, security, building maintenance, profit sharing, etc. Profit margins are very tight with semi-custom cabinet manufactures and the big box stores get only a slightly better discount than we do. Houston Cabinets prides itself on having little overhead costs and passing that savings on to our valued customers when designing and installing their custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinet solutions


Since Houston Cabinets handles the installation of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets you always deal directly with us. It’s in our best interest as a business and one of Houston’s most esteemed cabinet contractors to promptly address any and all warranty related work.

If you are looking for a trusted cabinet company to design and install your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, look no further.  Houston Cabinets is your one-stop-shop and will provide you with the quality and personalized service you deserve.  Give us a call today!

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